Liquid applied polyurethane membrane

The Penetron is unique brushable system of concrete that seals perfectly and permanently while simultaneously protecting it from any chemical attack. The Penetron is a material which, while superficially applied seals and protects the concrete in depth. It consists of cement Portland, specially treated quartz sand and active chemical Penetron expertise. By adding water to the dry powder Penetron activated chemical content. When it spreads the aqueous mixture in the concrete, then occurs a catalytic reaction. This reaction produces insoluble crystals which through osmosis phenomenon migrate within all resources, capillary corridors and microcracks concrete blocking them permanently. But can pass steam through the concrete allowing him to breathe. It may take several days to completely seal the pores and capillary corridors depending on environmental conditions, the temperature and the amount of concrete. Protects concrete from salt water, waste, underground water and many other chemical solutions. The Penetron facing sealing of static cracks up to 0,4mm long after its implementation.

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