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Sika FerroGard 903+

To Sika FerroGard 903+ is a surface applied corrosion inhibitor for steel reinforcement in reinforced concrete structures, designed for use with impregnation.
The Sika FerroGard-903 + is based on organic and inorganic components. To Sika FerroGard-903 + penetrates the concrete and forms a protective monomolecular layer on the surface of the steel reinforced concrete
The protection offered by the Sika FerroGard-903 + has dual function, both inhibiting the onset of corrosion and reduces the corrosion rate of the steel. The corrosion protection by Sika FerroGard-903 + - has the effect of lengthening the lifetime and operation of the construction up to 15 years when used as part of the integrated Repair System and Sika Protection.


  • For the corrosion protection of steel reinforcement above ground and underground constructions of reinforced concrete
  • For the repair and maintenance of reinforced concrete structures (without obvious symptoms), where the steel reinforcement corrodes, or at risk of erosion due to the effects of the phenomenon of carbonation or chloride attack.
  • The Sika Ferrogard-903 + is particularly useful for extending the life of concrete construction time with high aesthetic value surfaces
  • Comply with the principle 11 of EN 1504-9, method 11.3 (applying inhibitor in reinforced concrete structures)
  • It does not alter the appearance of the concrete structure
  • Change the diffusivity of water vapor
  • Long-lasting protection and durability
  • It can be applied to the surface of existing repairs and surrounding repair areas for preventive action against the phenomenon of the ruling climb
  • Can be applied where other repair / prevention options are not feasible to be implemented
  • Economic efficiency over the life of reinforced concrete structures
  • Easy, economical application
  • The penetration depth can be tested on site using the "Qualitative Colour Test" Sika - contact the Service Department for further details

Transparent liquid.

25kg container

180 kg barrel

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